The best airplane seat for your child

Traveling with kids can be quite challenging and if you are travelling by plane, there are many situations, you do not feel comfortable sometimes. Your kid is full of energy, wants to jump around, but on plane, they have to be still for some time and all the extra space you can get on the plane, can save you some hard times. I understand completely, we have been there and it is quite demanding to “survive”. When you travel with children with an airplane, check the following:


1. Are there children playing areas?

When we are looking for our next destination, the children playground areas are one of “must have destination” issues. It of course depends of the child’s age. Most children like to play and most also like the company. With socializing on the playground, you help your child to set the fundamentals for further ability to make a contact with another child or latter, other people. And it is true, a playground is also a very sociable place for parents – you have the opportunity to meet new people and you never know when you meet somebody interesting, maybe a new business partner or just a very good friend.


If you love to travel, do not hesitate to reward yourself. So make a decision and go travelling with children, it’s a lot of fun.

And when is the right time to start traveling with your child? When it feels right for you. And when you will feel it, the confidence will come. Self-confidence is a major factor when traveling with your children. You attract and you give your energy – if you are scared, your child will be too, therefore the self-confidence is vital.


The safety of YOU and YOUR CHILD is very important, therefore I recommend you that always you are driving a car and your babies or children are with you, you follow these “rules”:

1. ALWAYS, but really ALWAYS have your eyes on the road. If child loses his/her toys and are screaming and crying – DO NOT EVER TRY TO PICK UP THE TOY WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING. That could be dangerous for YOU and YOUR CHILD – the second of not paying attention and the accident could be here. There were so many stories that mom or dad was picking up a toy while driving and the second after there was a car accident – the child survived, but the parent died. You will be no use to your child dead!!!