Over the years of traveling we did not pay attention to how user friendly are airports or airlines, hotels, staff… Until the day we got children. Since then we am going around the world and every time we travel (business or pleasure), our attention is dedicated to Children and Family friendly issues.

And what is children friendly airport? What about airline or hotel? Are you happy as a family traveler? Would some improvements help you and you would travel more often?

We would love to here your opinion! Send us your experiance on info@travel-with-twins.com and get yourself a free book “How to overcome 5 biggest concernes when you travel with children” with complimentary 12 check lists for packing. How were you satisfied with the children friendly airport services? Would you like to add your family experience at the airport? Or write a comment below and we will add your experience at some airport to the list above.

This site represents Peggy’s personal observation, opinion and experience and is setting up the criteria what is children and family friendly. It has the intention to improve the quality services for younger passengers and family travellers and gives the airports the possibility to improve the services for families. The list of airports will be updated on a regular basis as we travel and analyse the children and family friendly attitude over the globe.

Table of Airports - Children Friendly