The book The secret of easy family traveling: 30 things you should know BEFORE you travel with kids, is a book which will describe ways to COOL your head when travelling with children, which will save you a lot of time and energy when exploring the world.

This book gathers all the information I would be glad to know before I started to travel with my children.



Through this book you will learn:
  • How to have your children in sight when traveling?
  • How to get through the airport with children, not to feel stressed?
  • How to travel with car if your child has motion sickness?
  • Which toys to bring on the beach?
  • How to find children/family friendly destination?
  • Which games to play on a plane with your child without extra expenses for the new toys?
  • What if you get stuck in a traffic jam?
  • And lots more. 
The secret of easy family traveling book
Why would you need this book?
  • To get well prepared in advance,
  • To get solutions to many concerns and problems from first hand – from traveling parent,
  • To offer your children and yourself stress-free travel experience,
  • To minimize the grrrr and uuhhhh factor.



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Book info:


  • Title: The secret of easy family traveling
  • Subtitle: 30 Things you should know BEFORE you travel with kids.
  • Release date: 2018
  • Pages: 200
  • Price
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