Peggy empowers people to make choices that promote action and personal growth. She belives that when you are travelling, you expand your horizons and you expand your boundaries. Travelling is the best way to teach your children values that they could not learn at home.

For over 10 years, Peggy has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience from her training and consultancy. As a project manager and a quality excellence evaluator, her eye for finding the room for improvements in air travel services for families led her to help parents with advices how to easy travel with children.

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When she started traveling with twins, she could not find one website on the internet where all information would be gathered. She had thousand of questions and no time searching the web.

  • How to dress, what to take with me on the plane?
  • How to navigate at the airport?
  • Haw to transfer the flights the fastes and the easies way?
  • How to help a child with sea sickness?
  • Which airports are child/family friendly?
  • But what about hotels?
  • Can we take the trolley on a plane?
  • Can we take a double pushchair, if we have twins?

A bunch of questions and all the information was scattered. Once you’re a parent, time is critical dimension.


That is how the website was born – to help you, to help all parents, grandma’s grandpa’s, uncles and aunties, and all others who have similar questions and dilemmas. To help you travel easy, to have fun along the way and to take most of your adventures, vacations or only a day trips.

She is red head with a smile. When she was 26 she met my future husband. Mr. Pot had the same love – love for travelling. But their style of traveling was very different. She always travelled with friends or in a group and Mr. Pot always travelled alone. Finally they decided to travel together and it was quite a challenge – they picked the farthest destination they could – if we would make a hole in the earth, they would come out on the other side – so they picked Fiji Islands and survived 🙂 Backpacking and on a low budget they went. You can check it out here:

And after a while, they decided to have a family.

Well, Ms. And Mr. Pot again had very different idea when and how to travel with children. She would not travel when twins were babies, Mr. Pot would. And Mr. Pot would not travel when twins were toddles, and she would… So now what?

Well, they decided to travel anyway, maybe to choose the type of travel that suits them most as a family. At the beginning they traveld with car, later, when twins became toddlers, they started to travel by plane and they still have some ways of transportation to test, but they did not stop to travel yet.

And she is sure, she is not the only mom scared, worried and confused in this world when she got her children. And she knows there are a lot of moms and dads who love to travel but their life’s just become different when they got their little treasures.

This website is dedicated to you and all, who needs some advice how to combine your two loves – children and travel.